Corporate Training

  • How to manage employees with emotional & mental imbalances
  • How to maximize safety for your employees in parking garages, elevators, business trips, etc
  • Self- defence for business related travel
  • Solutions oriented conflict resolution
  • Verbal de-escalation, vocal tonality, body language
  • Empowerment and how to increase self-confidence
  • The ethics of violence
  • Learn how to do what you can to prevent workplace violence
Self- defence is a great way to promote team building, inclusivity and foster a positive work environment in a way that is often covered by a business insurance provider. It’s also a great way to reduce stress, increase productivity, focus and self-confidence, minimize stress-related illnesses and loss of company time. You will demonstrate to your staff or co-workers that you value them and their safety. The great thing about self-defence is that it is appropriate for all ages, all fitness levels and no previous martial arts training is necessary. Villari’s Corporate Trainers can tailor an onsite seminar to meet whatever your business needs are. With the increasing frequency of not only workplace violence, but the poor self-esteem and mental illnesses that often accompany it. Self-defence is a fun workplace activity for anyone, and is a practical investment for your company and an innovative idea for staff events and business functions. If you are interested in bringing self-defence to your workplace, please feel free to give us a call for a friendly, no obligation discussion about your specific needs and how Villari’s Self-defence Studio might fill them.