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Kempo Karate for Beginners


Everyone can benefit from Villari's simple and practical self-defense, because these are core assets of the unique system we employ. However, many may not be fully aware of the internal advantages of this activity and experience. Martial Arts are a compliment to the mental well-being of kids and even adults. A student’s mental energy is taught to focus, helping transform emotions into positive motivational forces. Personal expression is a huge factor in developing a young personality. Developing positive attitudes toward life’s challenges, is the difference between success or failure. Students learn personal discipline in order to finish what they start with confidence and creative strategy.

  • Be Active

  • Get Fit

  • Promote Good Health

  • Develop Your Strength and Flexibility

  • Build Your Balance

  • Center Your Mind

  • Increase Your Focus and Concentration.

For kids, genuine respect for authority figures, as well as peers, is an important part of Martial Arts training. The discipline acquired in the dojo goes a long way to forming positive relationships within schools. After consistent training students emerge with an increased level of mental discipline. This can help students deal with the many distractions that can adversely affect their well-being in the future.​

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