My 6 year old goes to Villari’s, he enjoys every second and learns self defense which helped him with his self confidence
Leon Glotsky
I have attended the Villari’s Studio of Self Defense on Sheppard Ave W. for over 12 years. I am not one to usually write a review but I must say that the learning and experience I have received from this studio is second to none. Greg Tal (the studio instructor) is great at pointing out each individual students strengths and weaknesses and being able to help them improve in the areas they need most. Whether it be a 5 student class or a 20 student class it is always a great experience and it feels like you are taking private lessons as Greg has the ability to make it a personalized experience for each and every student. I think what I like most about this studio is how it has helped me in my every day life. Greg focuses greatly on self-discipline and a lot of the things learned there will help any student become a good, well-rounded individual. As I get older I truly appreciate all that this Martial Arts school has taught me and I will definitely be a student for life.
Dimitri Tzaneteas
I had study four years in goju ryu karate at Hong Kong before I join Villaris. When people ask me what the differences between Villaris and others, and why do I stay with Villaris for so long? The answer is simple: Villaris gives me positive changes in life and great improvement in Martial Arts. It’s oblivious to me and people who come from Asia that good dojo like Villaris Martial Arts are really hard to find; even in China and Japan. The only thing that I wish that I can do is to join Villaris much earlier because I know that I will have a happier childhood which can help me achieve better success in life.
Nicholas Abelardo
This past spring, Master Bartlett of Villari’s Martial Arts Centres provided Duffin’s Bay PS. with a wonderful opportunity for our students to be introduced to self-defense… ¬†
Dr. B. Larson-Knight, Duffin's Bay Public School
For me, martial arts is about achieving physical, mental and spiritual health. Master Tal provides a good workout for physical health. The classes always start with safe stretches and some good cardio. Mental sharpness is achieved when he brings focus to all the minor details of karate movements. He walks around the class correcting students positions and movements. Master tall often brings the spiritual element by using karate as an analogy to life. He teaches that a smart martial artist should never make the first move. He teaches a nonviolent form of self defense: violence only as a last resort. I’m going on my third year at Villari’s, and I still look forward to every class with Master Tal: that is a sign of a great martial arts class.
Marco Puntillo
I’ve previously trained in Taekwondo. By comparison, Villari’s Karate has a much stronger focus on practical self-defense and less focus on the competitive aspect. The small class sizes means lots of one-on-one with the excellent instructors. It’s a great school, and I would highly recommend it for all ages….
Hi, I am a senior in my 70s learning practical self defence at Villari’s.
Under the watchful eyes and care of Master Greg and other instructors, I
-exercise my body,
-stimulate my mind
-socialise with peers
-practice useful self defence skills
Come and visit us. Let us show and tell what we can do for you.
Tino Bisceglia